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Founded over a decade ago, Sutton Actuarial is a well established actuarial consulting firm providing a wide range of consulting services designed to assist the insurance industry and other related clients in managing and reducing risk tied to long term care insurance.

Peter Sutton of Sutton Actuarial is a highly credentialed actuary with unparalleled experience working with both individual and group long term care products. He provides clients with clear reliable data to help them make wise business decisions, and to assist them in designing and adjusting LTC products that provide more benefits to policy holders while significantly lowering risk to the insurer.

Clientele & Why They Choose Sutton Actuarial

Since opening in 2005, Sutton Actuarial has developed a clientele list that includes many top health and life insurers. Many clients have indicated they have chosen Sutton Actuarial over competitors for the following top 4 reasons.

Experience & Expertise

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Peter Sutton has specific and complex LTC product knowledge.

Actuarial Skills

Familiar with several client LTC modeling software systems, including PloySystems, and more recently GGY-AXIS.

Timely Service

Results that are delivered when they are needed, and presented in a concise, clear manner.

Big Firm Consulting, Affordable Rates

As a boutique firm with prior “big firm” experience, we offer professional quality results at very competitive rates.

Services Offered

Modeling & Valuation

Determine LTC pricing, reserves, project future claims, appraise LTC block and more.

Financial Projections

Estimate future cash flow, income statements and balance sheets.

Cash Flow Testing

Determine adequate reserves for regulatory, compliance and/or interest rate sensitivity purposes.

Forecasting & Experience Reporting

Risk management services that include projections/monitoring for project line or block, and/or development of experience studies.

Accident and Health Experience Analysis and Re-Rating

Strategically monitoring and analyzing historical experience data in order to project future claim levels and recommend appropriate rate action.

Financial Reporting & Regulatory Compliance

Services relating to statutory, tax and GAAP liability/reserve calculations, and other regulations and policy filing requirements, year end financial statements, reserve audits and more.

Claims Reserve Assessments

Claim run-out projections and adequacy testing.

Reserve & Processing

Calculate reserve liabilities, collection of in-force data, perform custom reporting.

Peter Sutton



Peter Sutton is an actuary specializing in LTC, and Health and Life Insurance. He has nearly 15 years experience as owner/consulting actuary of Sutton Actuarial.  In addition to the services listed above, he also has experience in

-GPV and Pricing Analysis of Long Term Care
-Conversion Testing PolySystems to GGY-AXIS
-Valuation of Individual Life & Health products
-Integration of acquired LTC blocks

Peter began his actuarial career in 1990 with American Life Insurance Company.  In 1993, Peter’s career began to focus specifically on LTC valuations and projections when he went to work for Genworth Financial, a leading global financial security company.  After gaining a decade of actuarial experience in LTC with the nation’s leading LTC insurers, Peter opened his own actuarial consulting firm in 2005, and has established Sutton Actuarial as one of the most trusted LTC consulting firms in the industry.  He is currently servicing various clients, many of them being the same clientele since the firm’s opening.

Mr. Sutton is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries (1992) and has been an active volunteer for the following:

Logistics Committee 2007
ILTCI Conference and Actuarial Track Chair 2009
ILTCI Conference Home Office Marketing Track Co-Chair 2010
ILTCI Conference Actuarial Co-Chair 2015
ILTCI Conference and Actuarial Track Chair 2016

Peter holds a Masters Degree in Actuarial Science and a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics.

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